Arena of Choice

A person's material mind is where he or she lives, makes decisions, chooses God or forsakes him, eternalizes or destroys themselves.

111:1.3 (1216.4) Material mind is the arena in which human personalities live, are self-conscious, make decisions, choose God or forsake him, eternalize or destroy themselves.


The Mansion Worlds

Jewish and early Christian sects developed gnosticism in the late 1st century AD as a collection of religious ideas and systems. Religious institutions and orthodox teachings were viewed as secondary to personal spiritual knowledge by these various groups.  There was a theory of seven heavens in the early Gnostic systems, as well as a supercelestial region known as the Ogdoad. In gnosticism theory, the planets were divided into seven spheres with an eighth sphere above them, the sphere of the fixed stars.

Do you think gnostics seven heavens and the seven mansion worlds are one of the same?

47:0.4 The seven mansion worlds are in charge of the morontia supervisors and the Melchizedeks. There is an acting governor on each world who is directly responsible to the Jerusem rulers. The Uversa conciliators maintain headquarters on each of the mansion worlds, while adjoining is the local rendezvous of the Technical Advisers. The reversion directors and celestial artisans maintain group headquarters on each of these worlds. The spironga function from mansion world number two onward, while all seven, in common with the other transitional-culture planets and the headquarters world, are abundantly provided with spornagia of standard creation.


Who is the Universal Father?

1:0.1 (21.1) THE Universal Father is the God of all creation, the First Source and Center of all things and beings. First think of God as a creator, then as a controller, and lastly as an infinite upholder. The truth about the Universal Father had begun to dawn upon mankind when the prophet said: “You, God, are alone; there is none beside you. You have created the heaven and the heaven of heavens, with all their hosts; you preserve and control them. By the Sons of God were the universes made. The Creator covers himself with light as with a garment and stretches out the heavens as a curtain.” Only the concept of the Universal Father—one God in the place of many gods—enabled mortal man to comprehend the Father as divine creator and infinite controller. 

The Foreword

The Foreword of the Urantia Book is of paramount importance because it serves several critical functions that are foundational for understanding the rest of the text. It not only lays the groundwork for the expansive cosmology, theology, and philosophy presented in the subsequent papers but also introduces the reader to the complex language and conceptual framework unique to the Urantia Book. Here are several reasons why the Foreword is considered an essential part of the text:

The Foreword, therefore, is not merely an introduction but a critical component of the Urantia Book, essential for understanding the depth and breadth of the subsequent revelations. It prepares the reader intellectually and spiritually for the journey through the complex narratives and teachings that follow, aiming to foster a more profound appreciation of the universe and the individual's place within it.                  

Cosmic Insight